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One thing is for absolute certainty when it comes to boats. They all end up with water in the bilge. Either it comes from a propeller shaft packing gland, a leak in the portlight, faulty seams in a wooden boat, or it can be the ice melting from the icebox. Whichever the reason, one thins is for sure. You have to get rid of it, and you have to do it fast in order to avoid damage.

Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump 600 GPH
pumps up to 600 gallons per hour, 3/4 inch output hose
easy to install, universal mounting, needs no modification
includes mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware
Rule 25D Submersible Bilge Pump
3/4'' (19mm) discharge outlet hose barb discharge outlet, 12 Volts DC, limited 3 year warranty
compact, efficient, long-life motors, able to run dry for short periods
stainless steel shaft, completely submersible, rust and corrosion protection
Seaflo Automatic Submersible Bilge Pump
flow Rate (GPH): 750GPH; Volt: 12V; Current(A): 3.0A; Head(M): 3.0M
no separate float switch is needed
equipped with built in electronic controlled reed sensor system for easy fully automatic operation

If you leave water in the bilge, you are going to confront yourself with a number of possible outcomes. The boat ca become destabilized, which you will not like very much while on the sea; the fiberglass hull can develop osmotic blisters, and last, but not least, spilled fuel level can rise, which will lead to it being distributed throughout the bilge. As a consequence, the insulation on the electric wires can be damaged. Now, you don’t want that, do you?

To avoid all these unpleasant circumstances, all you have to do is rely on the best bilge pump you can find. This is a sensitive situation that can result in catastrophic consequences; you don’t want to overlook this aspect, trust me. When you are 50 miles off shore, and your boat is destabilized and is taking water fast, a bilge pump is the only thing that will keep you afloat until helps arrives.

Before thinking too far, there is something you should know. Almost all boats lack a bilge pump system that is capable enough to keep you afloat in case of hull damage. Bilge pumps are designed for small quantities of water, like rain and normal accumulation because of spillage and seepage, but they will be of great help until you get some help. However, you cannot rely on it alone for evacuating large amounts of water. So don’t get your hopes up. That is one. Two, if you have a leaky boat, never ever leave it alone with an automatic pump hoping that it will keep your boat above the water. There isa number of reasons for which it can fail. You don’t want to wake up to a sunken vessel. The best way to avoid that is to fix the leak or haul the boat out. A bilge pump cannot keep up with a leak, so don’t expect it to achieve the impossible.

How to choose the best bilge pump?

Before deciding on a bilge pump, there are a few questions you must ask yourself in order to make the right choice. Don’t go and buy the first product you can find. Otherwise, you will end up with the wrong bilge pump.

  • Do you need a small or a heavy duty bilge pump? Heavy duty bilge pumps tend to be a lot more expensive than the little ones, but if you can afford it, I advise you get yourself one. It can get you out of a lot of trouble. Just to be safe, you should own both types. Remember that it is always best to have 3 such pumps on board.
  • Do you own a small or big boat? Is it commercial or fishing? If you have a relatively large boat, then a large bilge pump is a must. You can forget about the small ones because they will be as good as nothing. Also, oil spillage into the bilge on large boats is a frequent occurrence. That cannot get out of hand. But a small boat can manage on a small bilge pump without problems.
  • What kind of water do you sail through? Dirty water and debris will most likely require a heavy-duty bilge pump for the ship’s plumbing. The small one will not handle the situation properly. But clean waters work just fine for the small bilge pump.
  • Did you do your research? The best way of finding a high-quality product is by checking online reviews. Bilge pumps make no difference. You can get all kind of information online, from reviews to forum discussions. You cannot say that you don’t get enough information about the product you are interested in. So if you are unsure of your choice, you can always check to see what other customers had to say about it.
  • Do you want an automatic bilge pump or manual? The difference between them is that an automatic pump will start pumping the second the water reaches a certain level. It is a very useful feature if you think about it. You will not have to worry about the water level when you are asleep, or you are not in the boat. The manual bilge pumps must be engaged by hand whenever you notice that the water level increased, but that involves your presence and attention.
  • How manygallons do you want to evacuate? The best bilge pumps can evacuate up to 1000 gallons per hour. So you think about that before making a purchase. Do you need such a powerful pump? If not, you can settle for a small bilge pump. What is the point of investing in a heavy duty bilge pump if you don’t need it?

After you have the answer to these questions, you can go out and buy yourself a bilge pump that will satisfy your needs. You can find information everywhere. Whether it is online or directly in a store, it doesn’t matter as long as you make an informed decision.

Best bilge pumps reviews

A bilge pump will not solve the problem on a permanent basis, but it will surely buy you some time. In order for a pump to actually do that, it has to be high-quality and do the work. The market is full of products that promise all kinds of features and benefits, but few of them are actually up to the task. Here are three of them.

Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump 600 GPH

Click here to buy on Amazon

This pump is ideal if you have a small boat and you like to take it offshore now and again. In the case of damage, it can evacuate 600 gallons per hour, which is not bad for the price range it is in. It is enough to keep your bilge empty until you reach the shore or help reaches you.

It is very easy to install, it comes with a mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware. You don’t have to worry that it will break anytime soon. As I said, the pump is pretty high-quality for the price you pay. The wiring is marine grade, which means that the pump will have increasedperformance. And keep in mind that it is completely submersible. Thepump doesn’t need to stay afloat in order tofunction, and water will not damage its circuits. No supervision is required.

The output hose is a ¾ inch. It is more than enough for what you need it to do. Of course, you have the possibility to adapt a bigger or a smaller hose, but as you can probably imagine the flow will suffer. As long as the pump can only evacuate a certain amount of water per minute, don’t expect a different hose to change that.

The pump requires no modification whatsoever. All you have to do is install it, and it will do the job you bought if for. Keep in mind that it does not come with a switch, and it’s not automatic either. You will have to find a bilge switch separately. Also, you will have to track the water level and turn it on whenever necessary. Otherwise, the pump is completely useless. But other than that, Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump proves to be an excellent product. One that many people recommend. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Rule 25D Submersible Bilge Pump

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Low-cost bilge pumps, such as this one, are starting to raise the bar for all cheap products. The standards are being raised every year because manufacturers manage to put on the market high-quality products at an incredibly affordable price.

Rule Bilge Pump is capable of evacuating up to 1100 gallons of water each hour. The design and features allow this pump to have such an increased capacity. What you will love about this bilge pump is that it can run dry for short periods of time without breaking. You don’t have to watch anymore to see if the water is gone and you have to turn off the pump. You will need to check now and again, but you don’t have to keep an eye on it every single minute. Don’t worry, it will not break.

Another feature you will appreciate very much is that the material this pump is made of will not rust or corrode over time. That means you are going to have this pump for a while because rust and corrosion protection means a longer lifespan. It’s a very good investment if you ask me.

The shaft is made of stainless steel, and it is completely submersible. The design is compact, and the pump overall is very efficient.

Just as the previous model, the Rule 25D bilge pump does not come with a built-in float switch. You are going to have to buy that yourself. This pump is not automatic. So, if you are looking for an automatic pump, I advise you go for another model, or you can automatize it yourself if you know how.

It seems that people use this pump for a lot more purposes than evacuating bilge water. So far I’ve been reading about individuals who used it on fish ponds, waterfalls, hot water plumbing for RV’s, and aquaponic setups. The fact that this bilge pump is so versatile represents a huge selling point. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Seaflo Automatic Submersible Bilge Pump

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This is a whole new level for low-cost bilge pumps. You will pay approximately 10$ extra compared to the previous models I presented, but you will get a whole new set of features.

Overall, the benefits are kind of the same. The pump is submersible, it can evacuate about 750 gallons per hour, and is made of sturdy materials that will not suffer damage in time. You will have this bilge pump for many years to come if you use it properly and in the recommended conditions.

However, this bilge pump is automatic, unlike the previous models. It comes with a built-in float switch, so you will not be required to buy one separately. This makes for a great feature considering what it means. The pump will not activate until the internal float switch says so. When the water level rises, the bilge pump will turn on automatically, which will spare you from the trouble of keeping an eye on the bilge.

What you will love even more is that the pump is equipped with an electronic control reed sensor system that will allow an easy automatic operation. You just have to install it and leave it there. The pump will do all the work it was designed for without intervention on your part. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

As I said before, your choice depends on what you need, not on what other people recommend. It’s good to know that people share information about the product you are interested in, but just because it worked for someone else that doesn’t mean it will work for you too. But if we’re being honest here, I would go with the Seaflo any day of the week. Why? Because it’s automatic. I will always choose products that can do the work by themselves, without me interfering.


In your hunt for the best bilge pump, make sure to gather all the information you need. If your choice is not automatic, then make sure to pair it with the best bilge pump switch as well. You don’t want quality differences between them.

As simple as they may seem, bilge pumps have the ability to save you life. Maybe you don’t realize it, but when you are far from the shore, with hull damage and no one around, a bilge pump is the only thing that can keep you afloat until someone comes to your rescue. So keep a few aboard. You never know when trouble is on the horizon. Click here to buy on Amazon

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